He had definitely met his match in her, a woman as passionate as sin and as hot as Hell’s rampant flames.

“I’m not going to lie. That was the single most awesome moment of my life. I can’t believe she called you an aggravating as hell, leg humping poodle.” Cain picked up the jerky she’d tossed and took a bite. “You should’ve fetched it.” He took another bite. “But I’m glad you didn’t.”

“Shut up.” When Eli realized she had been targeted by a thief his natural protective instincts kicked in. He was shocked by the fear he felt when she began to struggle with the man to take the knife. It was only a matter of seconds before he got to her, but it seemed much longer.

“Do you think you could piss her off and get her to throw some more? It really is tasty stuff. I’d get on my hind legs and beg pretty for another piece.”

To say he was shocked when she’d tossed the meat and then ordered him to fetch it was a major understatement. He had definitely met his match in her, a woman as passionate as sin and as hot as Hell’s rampant flames. “She called me a leg humping poodle.”

“Aggravating as hell.”

Growling, Eli stared at him.

“What? She said aggravating as hell.”

Eli walked away from him. He had just reached Kara’s door when she opened it and plowed into him. “Do you see it?”

From over her head he took a look inside. He didn’t see anything except for a tiny…
“Spider!” she yelled. “Holy shit! Right there! It’s a spider!” Her nails digging deep into his flesh she gripped his arm. “You see it, right?”

“It won’t hurt you. It’s more afraid of you than you are of it.”
As if to prove he’d lied, the spider turned to face them as if staring them down.
“Oh, oh crap!”

A few seconds later it raced toward them. Screaming, she did the wildest dance all the way around him to make sure he was between her and the spider as it moved past them. Next, she pushed him to the side and shut the door on his face.

Literally, the door slammed into his face. He was still standing there staring at the door when she opened it. “Come in. It’s cold out here. Hurry up before that…that hideous thing gets back in here.”

Against his better judgment, for something just wasn’t right about the smile on her face, he walked inside and shut the door. When he turned to face her she was standing just out of reach with a gun aimed at him.

“What were you doing outside the door?” She asked.

Holding up his hands in surrender, he gestured toward the door. “The hideous thing went that way.”

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