After Cock & Bull Catering’s reputation takes a swift and brutal kick to the keister, will Dick Hardy and Angus Mac Buffenbeefy, part ways for forever? If not, does Dick’s extra super gooey Sticky Buns have what it takes to save their beloved establishment?

Does it matter? Nope. Not with fate wreaking havoc in their love lives. While Dick’s lover, Alexa Kindel, isn’t cruel by nature, she has buttons, and they’ve been pushed. Following a traffic stop, Officer Suzie Stoner, Angus’ fiancée, uncovers evidence that suggests Alexa plans to impersonate a massage therapist from Friendly Fingers Squeeze & Please to retaliate against Dick’s enemy with a toilet plunger, corncobs, and ghost pepper butter. Due to Alexa’s previous encounter with the law after her ex allegedly finished first, Suzie befriends Alexa to determine if she’s a threat to Dick.

While Dick flirts with the idea of running away rather than risk finding himself on the receiving end of Alexa’s fiery wrath, Angus questions the depth of Suzie’s love for him. How could she befriend the woman responsible for removing Fuzzy Nut Fudge Dippers from Mid-Night Creamy Dreams’ menu?